A Simple Guide to the 10 Different Types of Colleges
earnings and jobs

A college is an institution designed to award degrees to its students. However, not all colleges are the same. In fact, colleges vary by their missions, philosophies, student bodies and sizes.  Whether you are a high school freshman or a continuing education student, here is a quick guide to the type of colleges and universities… Read More »

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7 Financial Aid Scams You Need to Avoid
college pressure graphic

Source: http://www.coursehero.com/blog/2011/11/10/infographic-college-pressure-are-you-in-or-out/ The United States Federal Trade Commission reports that a minimum of 10,000 financial aid locator services attempt to fool 250,000 families yearly with false claims. These big and bad scams typically cost families millions and millions of dollars per year with fees that range from a low of 5 bucks to a high of… Read More »

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Slowing Down the Distracted Generation
distracted generation graphic

Many of us didn’t grow up with a smartphone in hand at all times, hopping from one device to another. I use tools to help keep me from being distracted online. Distractions are all around with technology, and connecting with distracted students can sometimes be difficult. The handy infographic below takes a look at some stats on reading vs. device use and offers some suggestions to… Read More »

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Five Managerial Tips for Successful Startups
startup success graphic

One crucial aspect of success for startups is the right approach to management. Successful entrepreneurs are notoriously passionate, dedicated, and hardworking. However, employees hired at low wages might not be dedicated to the brand, and they might not be particularly emotionally invested. Proper incentives and realistic expectations can help startups succeed. After all, startups typically… Read More »

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The Age of Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing
rise of mobile graphic

As far as IT trends go, cloud computing has had an incredible impact on a number of important business functions. This goes far beyond video, as cloud computing has influenced the manner in which companies communicate, deliver applications, and access data. InformationWeek Reports noted the influence of cloud computing, indicating that the use of this… Read More »

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Notable Trends in Social Video
Sales enablement

2013 was a significant year for social video as well as social media marketing. It’s not just high-budget ads anymore either; investments in content marketing have opened up a whole world of opportunities for today’s business. There are three hot trends that many marketers might want to keep an eye on. Trend #1: Mobile Video… Read More »

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The Video Competitive Advantage
video competitive advantage

In today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, you need to ensure that your company has the cutting edge tools to compete and thrive. The use of video content in sales, marketing, corporate communications, and eLearning has undergone major growth in the last decade. The role of video will only continue to grow as companies look to… Read More »

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The Rhyme and Reason Behind the Lack of Small Business Lending
lending to businesses by bank size

Current small business owners as well as aspiring business owners have more than likely noticed how difficult it has become to successfully secure a small business loan. While many might be under the impression that the Great Recession is to blame, the truth of the matter is that there are several factors at play. What… Read More »

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Exploring the Relationship Between Education and Wages
Relationship between education and wages

Recent trends in employment and compensation have cast doubt on the long held assumption that more extensive education equates to an easier job search and better pay. While wages tend to trend upwards as one increase their level of education, the current job market favors those who have a specific skill set. The relationship between… Read More »

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Balancing Work and College
Balance work and college

While there’s nothing wrong with fully committing all of your time and energy to your studies while in college, you should also think about the benefits of getting a part-time job as a way to build on your career experience and education. Some of the reasons to think about getting a part-time job include earning… Read More »

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