The Job Lover’s Guide To Thriving In The Workplace
thrive in the workplace

If the thought of driving to your office every morning fills you with sadness and despair, you are not alone. The Gallup Organization’s “State of the American Workplace” report states that 70 percent of American employees don’t feel connected, inspired or engaged with their jobs. Because almost 55 percent of Americans feel unhappy about their… Read More »

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How to Spend Smart

Being smart with your money is a lifestyle of living well within your means. It means spending less than you make so that when life happens, you are prepared and have peace of mind knowing you have both the savings to live and the discipline to use your money wisely. Many financial crossroads add up… Read More »

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An Ever Expanding Network

In recent years, technology has changed so drastically how we consume media. And with the introduction of smartphones and tablets, information is so readily available unlike ever before. The end result is a new era of innovation – where all types of media are accessible, and delivered in a fraction of the time. The following… Read More »

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How to Use Twitter to Manage Your Career Climb

If you are looking for a new job, Twitter (the social media microblogging site founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone Evan Williams, and Noah Glass) is a career game changer. Considering the fact the over 54 percent of recruiters use Twitter to source candidates, building a strong social media presence on the site is not only important, but also… Read More »

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Commuter Science (Infographic)

By 8am, rush hour traffic is at full throttle in most cities. Accidents, the cost of gas, and the quality of transportation aren’t the only factors that make the drive to work range from complete boredom to a total nightmare. According to traffic analyst Jim Bak, there’s another factor that can affect the daily commute:… Read More »

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Earn Money for College Through the National Service
Earn money for college

Paying for college is a burden for people who are not wealthy or aren’t great at saving or investing. Thankfully, there are ways to fund your college career without breaking the bank. Through the AmeriCorps program, students can pay their college debts by serving and helping others. What is the AmeriCorps Program? AmeriCorps was established… Read More »

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Behind the Internet Curtain (Infographic)

Everyday we use the Internet. It connects businesses, families, and friends who are thousands of miles apart. It is a significant aspect of modern life, but how does it actually work? In this new infographic, peer behind the curtain of the Internet and see the intricate system that connects our digital world. Source: Telx Data… Read More »

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3 Tips For Filing Small Biz Taxes
Small biz tax tips

Are you getting ready to prepare your own small business taxes for the first time? If so, then you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed about filing properly. Filling out a self employed tax form on your own can save you a lot of money over hiring a tax professional, but it is important that… Read More »

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How to Write a Professional Resume and Cover Letter

A killer cover letter is similar to a marketing one-pager. You will use this document to pitch your skills and experience to a prospective employer. Your résumé, however is a brag sheet detailing your accomplishments, knowledge and skills. Use the following tips to create a professional resume and cover letter that gets you an interview with… Read More »

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Career Pitfalls to Avoid
Career Choice and You

Career blunders are easy to make, but are not easy to overcome. That’s why you need advice on how to get ahead at work, without making major, career-ending errors. In fact, you can make a critical mistake and sabotage your career by doing one of the following actions: Questioning a colleague’s approach to problem solving during a… Read More »

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