Take Your Digital-Age Training to the Next Level

The training process is quickly evolving in the digital age. It’s no longer enough to stand in front of a whiteboard and lecture. On average, trainees can only process half of what trainers say, so it’s crucial to engage through multiple platforms—blending traditional with digital learning. Check out the following infographic from Mimeo for some… Read More »

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5 Presentation Tools To Improve Sales Prospecting
improve sales prospecting

Sales prospecting has become more challenging over that last few years. It’s not as effective to send out bulk emails or cold call customers. People are smarter, and they often filter these marketing attempts. How can you reach the customer? It might be time to try video. With screen share technology, your prospecting efforts might… Read More »

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How to Prepare For a Video Interview
video interview tips

Like it or not, video interviews are becoming a popular way for companies to screen out-of-state employees. In fact, an August 2012 survey from Office Team asked 500 human resources managers about how often they use video interviewing to screen candidates. The findings showed that 66.7 percent of managers use video conferencing “very often” and another… Read More »

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Summer Internships: 3 Essential Tips to Help You Succeed
internship benefits

The most successful people you know probably started their career as lowly assistants, interns or mailroom clerks. Despite the very low pay and the constant errand running, filing, coffee getting and paper clipping, these entry-level workers did in this capacity; these hard working and nose-to-the-grindstone laborers always seem to rise to the top of the… Read More »

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Social Media Trends You Should Keep An Eye On
social media trends

When it comes to social media, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the current trends. There’s also the fact that it can be difficult knowing which trends are truly worth pursuing and which should be forgotten. Just because a social media trend is making waves across the Internet doesn’t necessarily mean… Read More »

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10 Essential Tips for Improved Webinars
webinar tips

Webinars are a big part of contemporary B2B marketing, but unfortunately many companies don’t give their presentations the true amount of attention that they actually require. Before you host another webinar, make sure that you do it right by following a few tips. Short ‘n’ Sweet While a majority of webinars are scheduled for an… Read More »

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Keep Remote Employees Engaged and Informed With Video
keep employees engaged with video

American workers increasingly work remotely or semi-remotely in order to cut costs associated with commuting, time, and childcare.  In addition, large corporations can leverage a semi-flexible staffing structure by allowing employees to work on projects from remote offices.  The popularity of personal laptops, smartphones, high-speed internet connections, and tablets increases the viability of working remotely.… Read More »

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Clean Water Solutions For Businesses And The Private Sector
clean water and business

Thankfully, today’s innovative technology offers simple ways for everyone to have access to fresh, clean water. Here are the top fifteen making headlines today. 1. Super Sand  Developing countries and rural villages have some of the most difficult times accessing clean water. However, a research team from Rice University in Texashas found that sand coated… Read More »

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7 Important Questions about Your College Education
Important college questions

During your first or second year in high school, you should start thinking about college. To help you make the right decision use the following questions to help you make the definitive list of where you want to go to school and why. Do you want to leave home? Deciding where you want to go… Read More »

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9 Places to Look for Internship Opportunities
internship resources

Knowing the right people is often the key to landing a competitive internship opportunity. That’s why when you are looking for an internship, you should exhaust all of your personal and professional connections to land your dream internship. Here are 9 ideas to help you start your search. Scour the web: With so many job… Read More »

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