Restaurant of the Future

Ever since the advent of Pac-Man and the arcade boom of the 80s, gaming in the public sphere has gone from niche to widespread consumption and appeal. Gaming has long been integrated into several business templates, from malls to theatres to restaurants. However, until the evolution of social media and the proliferation of cellular and… Read More »

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Post-Conversion Strategies to Increase Customer Lifetime Value
increase customer lifetime value

A tremendous amount of money is spent every year by companies looking to acquire new customers, when they already have a significant source of untapped revenue right in front of them: existing customers. Some studies have shown that a repeat customer will spend more on average than a new customer, so finding ways to encourage… Read More »

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Quantitative Versus Qualitative Rewards Programs
customer loyalty program solutions

There’s been a lot of talk about the loyalty experience and how it is impacting the broader scope of loyalty reward programs. Reward programs show no sign of going away but neither have they changed in significant ways in the last few years. As new marketing concepts arrive on the scene and with the growing… Read More »

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7 Under Utilized Resources For Eager College Students
College student resources

If you are looking to enroll in a college, where do you start looking for facts and figures about the best schools? Yes, information about college seems to be abundant. You can find it freely on the web or in beautifully designed brochures, college catalogs and videos. For students who are looking to cut through… Read More »

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10 Facts About Boarding School Life
facts about boarding school

You may be under the impression that being sent to boarding school is the equivalent of being sent to jail in a freshly pressed uniform. Before you start to feel like you’re signing your life away, read up on ten facts about boarding school life you more than likely aren’t aware of. Boarding school offers… Read More »

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Why Immersion May Be the Key to Foreign Language Learning
immersion language statistics

When it comes to studying English as a second language, there are a lot of different approaches that a school, program, or teacher can take. Many students see success through various teaching and learning approaches, but there is one thing that many language learning experts agree on: immersion language learning is a great way to… Read More »

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The Marketer’s Guide To The Google Pigeon Update

Petrified by Pigeon? You’re not alone-Google’s local algorithm update shook up online marketers everywhere whether they know it or not (within the continental U.S.). Learn everything you need to know about Pigeon’s repercussions for the future and recommendations in this infographic, “A Marketer’s Guide to the Google Pigeon Update.”

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How To Make a Smooth Exit If You Lose Your Job
job growth chart

With an ever-changing economy in constant flux – at some point in your career you could lose your job. And if you are not college-educated, your position is less secure than your degreed and well-educated colleagues. In 2012, the New York Times reported that people without a college degree continued to lose jobs, shedding 200,000… Read More »

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Step to Take Before Accepting a Promotion
promotion steps

You’ve worked long hours and are eligible for a promotion. Despite the salary increase and new title, not every climb up the corporate ladder however, is a good one. Before you take the leap to a new position, it is important that you identify whether this is the best opportunity to further your career. A… Read More »

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Four Reasons Your Job Training Will Make You Stand Out
job specific training

In today’s diverse and competitive job market, there are several different avenues people can take to get an education and qualify for a job. If you took the vocational, certificate, or trade school route, you can generally expect to see the benefits of your education as soon as you enter the workforce. Though college graduates… Read More »

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