Pelican Water Systems Announces 2014 College Scholarship Contest
Pelican Water Systems scholarship

Pelican Water Systems, the market leader in environmentally friendly, affordable, salt-free water softener systems, is pleased to announce its 2014 College Scholarship Contest, which provides three financial awards of $1000 to $3000 to three deserving, environmentally conscious college students. The College Scholarship Contest, which is open to graduate or undergraduate students, is the latest part… Read More »

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10 Smart Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting a College
picking the right school

Jošt Gantar/iStockphoto Whether you are a high school sophomore or looking to accelerate your climb up the corporate ladder, picking the right college is a major decision. By asking the right questions however, you can be sure that you select the best college for your budget and for your career. Here’s how to begin: Where… Read More »

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How to Be the Perfect Online Student
online student tips

After you’ve submitted your application for your online degree, it is time to prepare for learning. If you haven’t been enrolled in school for a while, taking your first few classes can be difficult and daunting if you’re not prepared. However, if you use the following tips you can rise to the top of the… Read More »

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5 Cover Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid
cover letter mistakes to avoid

A cover letter is an essential marketing tool in your career advancement. Unfortunately, many people think submitting a cover letter is optional or that you can use canned pitch letters to respond to job openings. Whether you are applying for your first job out of high school or are a seasoned employee looking for a… Read More »

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6 Tips for Career Development Success
career development tips graphic

If you are looking to make a good impression on your current boss – or help manage and grow your earnings—read on for six essential tips for career development and workplace success. 1- Always seek advice from a mentor To advance, and gain a competitive edge at work, it’s best to develop a relationship with… Read More »

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Part-time Job Advice For The Eager Student
money stack

source If you have a little free time after class and want to boost your work skills and earn some cash, you might need a part-time job. However, it is important that your side job works well with your busy school schedule. The good news is, your next after-school paycheck could combine your dream job… Read More »

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How to Prepare a Winning College Scholarship Application
average tuition graphic

When you are applying to college, you have many tasks to complete. However, none are more important that your college scholarship applications. If you set aside a few weeks of time before the application is due and compile all the necessary information methodically, you can submit a totally fantastic and effective application. Use the following… Read More »

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A Simple Guide to the 10 Different Types of Colleges
earnings and jobs

A college is an institution designed to award degrees to its students. However, not all colleges are the same. In fact, colleges vary by their missions, philosophies, student bodies and sizes.  Whether you are a high school freshman or a continuing education student, here is a quick guide to the type of colleges and universities… Read More »

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7 Financial Aid Scams You Need to Avoid
college pressure graphic

Source: The United States Federal Trade Commission reports that a minimum of 10,000 financial aid locator services attempt to fool 250,000 families yearly with false claims. These big and bad scams typically cost families millions and millions of dollars per year with fees that range from a low of 5 bucks to a high of… Read More »

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Slowing Down the Distracted Generation
distracted generation graphic

Many of us didn’t grow up with a smartphone in hand at all times, hopping from one device to another. I use tools to help keep me from being distracted online. Distractions are all around with technology, and connecting with distracted students can sometimes be difficult. The handy infographic below takes a look at some stats on reading vs. device use and offers some suggestions to… Read More »

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